New App: Poo Keeper!

Poo Keeper is an iPhone app to record your poop!

You never see wrong. It is really an app to record your poop, aka shit/turd/stool/dump.

While it might seem totally strange to use such an app, especially bringing it to the toilet for your “second”, there are health benefits that the app can boost of.

  • Track when you last poop-ed if you have irregular bowels, yet not remembering when was the last
  • Be reminded by the app
  • Aim to bake a type 4 poop - a smooth sausage
  • Take picture of your poops if requested by doctor

I understand most people will not need this app.

But for the few that the app can help, you can download Poo Keeper from the App Store today.

Poo Keeper icon

PS: It’s totally like Run Keeper, but for poop!

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Officially Launching Just2us, as a Business

5 years ago, I bought this domain name as a holding for my apps and also technology discussion.

Yesterday, I officially left my day job of 7-years.

Today, I am officially registering Just2us as a business in Singapore (:

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Top Radio App for Malaysia after 1 month

After launching for 1 month, MY Radio slowly rise to the top and become the #1 radio app for Malaysia!

Here’s the download statistics for the last 1 month in Malaysia App Store.

Download Graph Distimo


Currently at position #43 of Malaysia Top Free Apps, with 1000 downloads per day.

If you are a developer looking to climb the Malaysia App Store ranking, this would be a benchmark.

In the Top Free MUSIC apps, MY Radio is currently at #2, and beats TuneIn Radio (#34) by a big margin, so that is something I am pretty proud off :)

Top Music App Malaysia




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MY Radio for Malaysia

I am releasing the first “branch” of SG Radio.

Introducing.. MY Radio!

MY Radio App Icon

This also explains why I have changed the app icon design.

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A new 3D icon for radio, for the flat iOS 7

While the new iOS 7 embraces flat design, I have introduced a new 3D icon for SG Radio.

The old icon:

Old SG Radio App Icon

The new icon:

New SG Radio App Icon

This goes against the new iOS 7 flat philosophy.

Yeah, I am rebellious, and loves adding 3D to boring flat world!

Or maybe, this will be my last 3D icon.

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SG 4D v3 – No more under my care

I launched SG 4D app in Mar 2009.

After 4 years, I am now transferring ownership to someone else. Starting with version 3.0, it is developed by another company.

The good news is:

  • The app no longer has ads!
  • And you don’t have to pay to unlock the PRO features!

Reminiscing.. I developed SG 4D because of my dad. He always switches my TV to teletext at 7pm. I created the app for him, and many others.

Many people thought I like to buy 4D or Toto. But no, I discourage the game, and has never spent more than $10 in my entire life! I always discourage my dad on what a waste of money on the game.

I am glad that I took this journey, and earned back what he lost :)

“Don’t have to see. You never win one lah”, is what I always said to him.


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How to create explainer video for your product?

Most websites now use videos for their homepage.

Those 1-2 minutes videos are known as explainer videos, like this:


Why make video?

This is because no one likes to read text.

And human brain gets attracted, and therefore understands better, when being stimulated visually and audibly.

So how do you create a video? Let me introduce 4 ways.


#1 Hire professional video creators

This is the recommended way, because professional service can help you in many ways from writing a script, identifying what is key in your video, to producing the video animation.

The cost varies from as much as $20,000 to as low as $1000.

The top video makers:


  • Video Brewery – $3,000-$5000. Started by Demo Duck. Has curated video makers. 
  • elance – as low as $500


#2 DIY using professional tools – After Effects

You can DIY too, but there will be A LOT of work.

Follow these 9 steps. The professional use the same process.

The motion graphics animation is the hardest. The professionals use Adobe After Effects, which is 10 times more difficult that Photoshop, and cost thousands.

So unless you have the passion to learn and use After Effects, don’t try.


#3 DIY using easier apps

If you still want to DIY, you can try applications such as GoAnimate, PowToon, or Video Scribe.

They are usually free to try (with limitations).


#4 DIY using regular apps

There are 2 regular applications that you might already have that can be used.

  • Keynote – Yes, you can use the Mac app! Learn from this guide. Magic Move is the key. Compare this same piece of work using Keynote vs After Effects!
  • Camtasia – You can also use screen capturing for doing a simple “How it works” video.


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The Malkovich Bias

I have learnt of a new phenomena.

The Malkovich Bias – is defined as the tendency to believe that everyone uses the web the same way as you do.

How many times have you heard friends/colleagues saying these:

“No one will click on advertisement banners.”

“That needs to go above the fold because no one scrolls.”

“Everyone skims. They don’t read.”

“They wouldn’t be able to know this link is clickable.”

“That feels weird.”

“That will be confusing for our users.”

When one said something based on their web experience, that is known as the Malkovich Bias effect.

It’s dangerous, because many times they could be very wrong.

That’s why we must conduct usability testing.

PS: 1% of people click on ads. Food for thoughts.

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Usability Testing Tools: Silverback vs Camtasia

I tried 3 software on my Mac for conducting usability testing for a website.

The first software is using Quick Time, which comes free with every Mac OS X. Quick Time has screen recording feature – which is minimally good enough for capturing a usability session. We all know Quick Time is not a dedicated software for usability testing. But it’s free to get started :)

I went on to try out 2 other softwares.



1. Camtasia

Camtasia has been around for like 10 years. It is the most well known software for screen recording on Windows and also on Mac.

I tried it out (free for 30 days), and I like it. It records the screen and iSight simultaneously.

It cost $99 USD.

I would probably stick with Camtasia if not for Silverback.


2. Silverback

Silverback is created by Clearleft, a user experience design consultancy company. They created this software for none other than themselves!

It works like Camtasia, with a focus for creating usability “projects” and “sessions”.

DURING a usability session, you can easily add tasks and highlights using Apple Remote. That’s very cool!

And it’s $69 USD.

Silverback is my choice!

Guerrilla usability testing software for designers and developers

PS: If you don’t know about usability testing, start with reading Steve Krug’s book.

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Use Simple Terms – Otherwise you are just talking to yourself

I was reading TIMES on an article about IMF chief Christine Lagarde.

Lagarde is a lawyer by training, and it is kind of misfit for a lady to work in the finance industry, with so many men. But it is not just about her background or gender.

At times, she cannot understand the opaque language that the ministry of finance, or the central-bank governor, or whoever is using.

It turned out to be an advantage for her.

She said this to them:

“Stop it. You’ve lost me. You have to use simple terms that people out on the street will understand, otherwise you are just talking to yourselves.”

children talk tin can

How true is that.

Applying the concept to product development, we have to write content in simple language that most people can understand, otherwise we are just writing for ourselves, not the users.

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